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Where To Buy Absinthe With Real Wormwood​

In the USA, the maximum thujone concentration allowed in absinthe is 10 ppm while the UK allows up to 35 ppm. To buy Absinthe with high thujone content from genuine wormwood, you have to purchase it from the UK. This is a list of the best, strong absinthe with authentic wormwood. Listed are the strongest absinthe, which absinthe seller has the best deals and best customer service and ships fastest and guarantee delivery. So let’s compare the top absinthe merchants worldwide. If you are looking for reviews of specific absinthe brands, visit Absinthe-Review.com



Alandia Absinthe logo


Alandia.de is by far the largest online retailer of Absinthe and has just celebrated its 16 year anniversary online. They offer the broadest range of authentic European Absinthe with a full line of their own premium distilled absinthe styles including premium, high thujone ‘bitterspirituosis” styles for the more adventurous.

Alandia Absinthe Strong 68



Their most popular “Strong” Absinthe is the Alandia Strong 68. A traditional green Absinthe from France with its all natural Verte (green) color solely from the herbs used in its distillation – no artificial colors. Strong 68 tastes fresh and traditional due to the use of the classic Absinthe “Trinity” of wormwood, green anise and fennel.

They have rare and antique (pre-ban) absinthe along with gift sets and samplers. Their top selling absinthe, Alandia Strong 68, is 68% alcohol and and contains the maximum allowed thujone of 35 ppm. If you are looking for strong absinthe, this is it.




Alandia Gold 68 Absinthe



For those who do not like the licorice taste of anise in absinthe, there is an anise-free version of Strong 68. Absinthe Gold 68 is distilled with real wormwood (artemisia absinthium), but skips anise to avoid the dominating licorice taste. Instead, orange and citrus notes are present, which give this slightly bitter Absinthe a fresh and pleasant body.

Absinthe Gold 68 is the non-licorice sister of our bestselling Absinthe Strong 68. Absinthe Gold 68 may be the right Absinthe for you if licorice is a taste you don’t like.

Alandia offers several payment options and guarantees shipping to the United States. That means that your Absinthe gets to your door or you get your money back. Shipping from Europe is fast at 5-7 working days. Customer support is very good with emails answered within hours. Visit Alandia.



Absinthe Hamlet Classic Green



Another superior absinthe in the strong category to consider is the  Hamlet Classic Green Absinthe.

Hamlet Classic Green Absinthe is a strong Absinthe with 69% alc. by vol (138 proof) and is distilled with the highest quality grand wormwood (artemisia absinthium) for an outstanding absinthe experience.

The green color is 100% derived from botanicals lending a beautifully natural appearance. Despite its strength, Hamlet Classic Green has a surprisingly smooth taste, which is achieved by adding a bit of cinnamon and vanilla to the recipe making it absolutely delicious. 



Alandia Gothica Absinthe



Known as the Essence Of Darkness, Absinthe Gothica does not use a classic recipe nor is it made according to a traditional French Absinthe recipe. This Absinthe turns to something new, a new dimension of the dark world of the Green Fairy. 

The taste of Gothica Absinthe is herbaceous and strong with slightly bitter notes of wormwood. Not dominant in anise, it has a slightly sweet floral note due to the refinement of the Absinthe with rose blossoms. The color of Gothica is plant-based (chlorophyll). With the addition of water Gothica clouds into an opalescent white. Due to the strong alcohol content of 66.6% by vol. (133.2 proof) Gothica Absinthe should only be consumed in moderation. The Essence of Darkness is not for weak minds, do not drink as a shot!



Prices at Alandia start at $10 for sample sizes. Delivery to USA is GUARANTEED. Standard delivery is generally within 5-7 business days. Shipping via DHL.

Expedited shipping is also available at Alandia. They are the fastest shipper with orders arriving in literally 3-4 days with the expedited shipping option.

When calculating shipping, there is a “sweet spot” that is usually around 3-4 bottles with the shipping averaging $15 per bottle.

Alandia accepts most Major Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, WorldPay. They have the largest selection of Absinthe on the net and carry every strength and variation, from Classic, Anise Free, to Strong.


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